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    AnythingTreen is the name of my business. Treen means taken from the tree, a word used in the old days for the wooden things the man of the house would make to use in the home, wooden spoons, dough bowls, rolling pins, spinning wheels and even baby cradles and outside on the homestead he would make handles for his hammers, garden tools, plows, even the signal tree used for the horses to pull the plows.

   Today treenware is the word used to describe the wooden things used to cook with in the kitchen.

   When I started doing craft shows in the spring of 1988, I needed a name for my business, so me being the naive person I was then and still am sometimes, I thought I could make anything out of wood, even though I can’t cut two pieces of wood the same length. I decided to call my business “Anything Treen”.

   If I had been making spoons back in the 19th century I would have been known as Karen Davis the spoonmaker from Sunbright, so when I needed to sign my spoons so folks would know they were mine, Charles and I made a brand “KDS”, the “KD” is for Karen Davis and the “S” is for Sunbright. So if you have a spoon with “KDS” branded onto the back of the handle, you know I made it.


Thank you for your interest in my work! I hope you enjoy your visit.

I wanted to let you know that I am not a factory. I'm one person doing everything, so I am almost always behind. Sometimes only a few days, sometimes a month or more. So, thank you for your understanding and patience.

Happy Cooking! - Karen


Thank you so much for your interest in my work, I am so sorry, but I am not accepting orders at this time. Thank you everyone for your support.

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