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Staying with the idea that I could make anything out of wood, I made our two boys each a baseball bat and in 1989 I decided I would make a Baseball cap, I used buckeye wood, which is soft, being a beginner at woodworking the cap ended up a little heavy but looked like a cap so I was pleased.


In 1993 I made the Cowboy hat, it is made out of buckeye as well.

When the grandkids were little they wanted to wear them, in these photos they are trying to see which hat fits which one the best. Good memories.




Country Home Dec.1992

The scoop on the left and the spoons on the right are mine. 

This was an article to bring attention to the Christmas events happening in Appalachia,

Dec. 1992


              The Tennessee Magazine   February 2005

The Tennessee Magazine is published by Tennessee's Electric Cooperatives.

Each issue spotlights an interesting person, place to eat or visit. 

I was very honored to be in the February 2005 issue as they also saluted Alvin C. York and his State Historic Park in Pall Mall, TN


food network magazine

 September 2015

In this article Jed Holtz, the art director is show casing some of the many decorative ideas anyone can use while decorating their own kitchen. 

I was honored to have my Left hand and Right hand stir spoons show cased as well.

Thank you Jeff and Sunny.

food network magazine

September 2017

Here, Sunny is sharing with us some of the things she enjoys.   


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